Cultural caretaker, teaching and performing artist and arts administrator, Muisi-kongo’s arts practice is steeped in a staunch Bay area legacy of cultural preservation, social justice and service through art. For the past nine years, she has served as Executive Artistic Director of Fua Dia Congo (Fua), a 41 year old Oakland-based cultural and performing arts organization founded by pioneering master artist Malonga Casquelourd. A performing member with the company for over 20 years and a lifelong apprentice of traditional Congolese cultural art forms, she remains committed to protecting, preserving and passing on the rich traditions of the Kongo people.

Muisi-kongo’s experience in the arts field has enabled her to serve in a number of capacities, including principle dancer, choreographer, director, teaching artist, singer-songwriter, recording artist, writer, producer, curator, administrator, and development professional. Notable honors include: 2017 Creative Work Fund Award in Traditional Arts, 2017-18 Emerging Arts Professional Fellowship, several posts as Guest Lecturer in Stanford University’s Theater and Performance Studies Department (Dance Division) and a 2014 commission of her original solo work “Kimpa Vita!” by CounterPulse. In an effort to raise awareness around heart health, an issue that disproportionately impacts African Americans, Muisi-kongo recently became an EmPOWERED to Serve Ambassador for the American Heart Association. It is her hope to use her platform as a dancer and cultural caretaker to help shape healthier futures for all who dance alongside her. In addition to her awareness-raising with AHA, Muisi-kongo is also a dedicated volunteer with Fountain of Life Global Christian Ministries

Malonga grew up in her hometown, Little Nairobi, CA (East Palo Alto), and her roots extend from Bassfield, Mississippi and Augusta, Georgia to the Republic of Congo.