Muisi-kongo Malonga is a world-renowned teaching and performing artist who is passionate about enriching individuals, institutions and communities through the sharing of African cultural art forms. Following are program offerings available for booking. 

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get moving - adults!

Fun-filled exploration of African movement and culture for adults. Program offerings include lecture/demonstrations, performances, workshops, master classes and other interactive skill-building activities. 

Media Center Performance (Photo by Robin Agarwal)

get moving - YOUTH!

Fun-filled exploration of African movement and culture for children and youth. Program offerings include lecture/demonstrations, performances and interactive skill-building activities. 

Muisi-kongo Malonga in kimpa_vita--_images_by_audrey.jpg

kimpa vita!

Compelling solo production exploring the powerful story of Kongolese revolutionary matriarch, Kimpa Vita. (Full length: 53 minutes; Excerpt: 27 minutes)